Jim Shorts’ David Haynes has been creating collections of lo-fi, haphazardly crafted guitar pop for over five years. Dropping the bedroom aesthetics and tape hiss for a more polished sound, Haynes’ recent record Halo Repair  has seen the artist develop from a solo act into a fully functional, powerhouse band.

Joined now by an ever rotating cast of characters, this newest edition of Jim Shorts is an action packed, fuzzed-out live experience. Speeding through Haynes’ short, catchy songs, the band creates a memorable live experience - barely stopping the music to catch their breath. Haynes and company are creating a new breed of mid-tempo, American rock and roll. 

Current/Touring Members:
David Haynes
Mike Barth
Maddy Young
Jarrod Gee
Britt Hill


Past/Recording Members:
Ryan Roddy
Evan Braswell
Charlotte Wood